9 Best Men’s Athletic Underwear in 2023 - Undywear (2024)

We all have that moment when we go to the gym or do our ultimate workout that lives us in a pile of sweat. We not only feel it on our skin but the odors that rise up from our underwear can even knockout a blood thirsty mosquito.

But odor comes with practice and we cannot really keep that away as we are trying to bring out the beast within, and as we develop ourselves for the better.

That’s why we should consider a slight comfort that can contain the smell while keeping our jewels fresh and irritation free. Here you’ll find our picks for the best men's athletic underwear!

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Best Athletic Underwear for Men

1. YuKaiChen Men's Trunks Underwear Silk Boxer Briefs Short Leg

2. MudGear Performance Boxer Brief for Men

3. Jockey Men's Underwear ActiveStretch™ Midway Brief

4. Re:Flex Men's Active Performance Boxer Briefs Underwear

5. Colourful Boxer Briefs Men's Underwear Men Pack Open Fly Mens Underwear

6. MoFiz Men Underwear Performance Long Leg Modal Bamboo Boxer Briefs

7. New Balance Mens Dry Fresh Boxer Brief

8. Adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite 9-Inch Midway Underwear

9. Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Body Modal Boxer Briefs

Best Men's Athletic Underwear: Buying Guide


Let them breathe!


Best Athletic Underwear for Men

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Pro: Will make your behind look like an NFL player or an athlete.
Con: Can turn into a thong without your consent.

Extreme comfort: These silk boxers are just what the doctor ordered. They are very breathable, lightweight soft and very supportive. They fit in your drawer with ease and also leaves space for another dozen pair. They are very sexy and that transparent look will be great for after the tracks when you spend time with your partner.

It dries quickly if you do sweat in them and it is made out of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. Not too many people complained about them so far, but it is important that you keep the size in mind when ordering, these tend to be one number smaller than listed.

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Pro: Gets you through that marathon
Con: Quality of stitching

Built for speed and comfort: When you are training hard for that next sports event you need to have the right pair of underwear that will allow you to move freely. The MudGear Performance Boxers will keep you going during that horrible Mud Race that your friends dragged you to participate in.

They are made out of 66% Nylon and 34% Spandex and they are built to support and protect during your strongest times. The base layer boxer is OCR apparel that blends strategically in order to improve functional performance. Definitely worth a try!

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Pro: Superior Performance
Con: Very big label on them

Fits as expected:If you don’t want to go big you may as well go home with a superior product at an affordable price. Jockey invested a lot of time in their products and came out with something that can fit most athletes without giving a hard time.

The legs do not roll up the thighs if you undertake challenging activities, the waist doesn’t roll over and you will say bye bye to all the swampy conditions that you’ve been through. Treat your boys to the proper support and don’t neglect your comfort! 95% cotton and 5% spandex for an amazing touch.

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Pro: Fabric feels good
Con: No elastic in the legs

Soft athletic type of fabric that stretches well:When you consider a pair of underwear for your workouts you also have to know how easy they are to wash. This particular pair is very easy to maintain, wash and dry, and it is durable for any type of season. It has no tag and no flay and the implemented Flex Tech will give you the highest performance.

It is made out of 93% Polyester and 7% Spandex. They are reviewed at not loose and not too tight, they won’t rub or bind and they can fit any athlete perfectly. Their unique style is also something to keep in mind if you want to buy this particular pair!

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Pro: : Very soft and comfortable briefs for exercises
Con: Once they rip they tend to rip all over

They provide compression to hold the guys:Keep your jewels under control with these formidable pair of underwear. They are very affordable and made out of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. They absorbs moisture and comes with a 3D pouch for extra space for your privates. Their unique colors will also turn some eyes in the locker room and some guys may actually envy you from having them.

They are very resistant and will fit you great, without the legs even considering riding up. They band is wide, the legs are long and you have double stitches just in case. A pack comes with 4 different colors so you can build that proper workout routine around these pairs of underwear.

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Pro: Unique Design
Con: Waistband may roll

You’ll feel like you are wearing nothing! With the unique design also comes a unique feeling that you won’t experience with any type of underwear that was built for athletes. They are super soft and the fabric breaths well. Perfect for that football game under a sunny day or for that hike in the woods that you’ve planed during the winter.

The smooth flat out seams reduce chafing allowing a contact-free support. It is made out of 95% bamboo fiber and 5% spandex and but can also come in 90% Micro Modal and 10% spandex. The 3D pouch with an open fly will give you extra mobility when you want to take a well-deserved break.

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Pro: Engineered with antimicrobial properties to resist odors
Con: May shrink if not washed properly

Best protection against swamp butt:It is safe to say that after an intense workout you feel all germy and disgusted with yourself from all the sweat. Well it’s great that New Balance thought about that possibility and made this particular pair moisture efficient and germ repellant. The articulated mesh panels will allow your jewels to breath and the waistband is wide enough to keep your blood flow smooth.

It is made out of 87% polyester and 13% spandex and this makes it stretchable enough for any challenging activity. You don’t have to worry about a tag to itch down your butt and it will keep you dry and ready for a new workout!

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Pro: Keeps you dry
Con: Rubs along the thighs

The comfort is unbeatable:Adidas doesn’t play around when it comes to sportswear and this time they created an ultimate pair of underwear for all athletes. They took into consideration the main points when it comes to buying an athlete pair of underwear and integrated them in the design. This means that Adidas made a breathable, quick dry, pair of underwear that has a soft feeling and a tagless waistband for extra comfort.

They made this pair out of 91% Polyester and 9% spandex but put a lot of thought into them when it came to design and efficiency. It isn’t one of the well-known brands in the world for nothing and this time they really stepped up their game. The Climalite silhouettes gives the pair a unique look and an incredible feel. Don’t hesitate to purchase this pair if you like it!

9 Best Men’s Athletic Underwear in 2023 - Undywear (9)

Pro: Soft fabric that keeps your jewels comfy
Con: Material may rip after 3 – 4 months

Ultra soft pair that makes you as sexy as you look:Keep these pair of underwear in mind if you want to plan that perfect date for your partner and feel the need to pull out that sexy card at the end of your date. This pair is sophisticated and sexy with body defining styles. It has a Modal fabric blend that includes 69% Nylon and 31% Elastane. Calvin Klein means luxury so you cannot keep this out of the top.

It is very stretchable and breathable so if you want to bring an extra style in your athletic performance then you can surely aim for this fantastic pair!

Best Men's Athletic Underwear: Buying Guide

Picking a pair of underwear is usually easy. You go out, you see an interesting cotton based pair, and you put it in your basket. However, if you are into intense sports you may have to keep some things in mind in order to give your thighs and privates a comfortable feel. Don’t break a sweat just yet! Take care look at these key points before you start shopping.


It is known that most athletes spend a lot of time training and this leaves them in a pile of sweat and tears depending on how intense their workout is. When you spend a few hours in your own sweat you need to keep in mind the material that your underwear is made of.

You have to make sure that they are absorbent enough to keep you going during your hardest time, so that you won’t give up after the first few minutes due to a sense of discomfort.

Besides being absorbent, the fabric should also be soft at touch so that your jewels could feel the love of your underwear and not give you a sticky time when you are running on the field or beating the dust off of that punching bag. While some people recommend cotton, I do recommend a mix of fabrics that will give you that soft touch and absorbent effect when things get sweaty.

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Let them breathe!

Now that you’ve picked a fabric, did you noticed something odd about them? That moment when you go outside for a run, and after 30 minutes you realize that your jewels are starting to heat up, you’re unconsciously starting to miss that whole in your pants that you awkwardly had in the 3rd grade.

Now this shouldn’t happen to anyone so a pair of underwear that is well vented is necessary for all athletes. Undoubtedly this comes with the fabric, but just in case, make sure to read some reviews or ask around when it comes to picking a pair of undies that keep you fresh.


Besides being soft and vented, a pair of underwear should also have a good waistband. You don’t want something that keeps your blood from flowing and you definitely don’t want something that will allow your underwear to fallout when you’re just about to reach that 30 mile goal!

9 Best Men’s Athletic Underwear in 2023 - Undywear (11)

Top Choice for a Comfy Waistband: Adidas

  • The sport performance 2 pack is what you need if you're looking for all purpose, do anything underwear
  • Super soft, stretchy and quick drying
  • Plush soft tagless waistband and super smooth stitching deliver superior comfort

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9 Best Men’s Athletic Underwear in 2023 - Undywear (12)

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9 Best Men’s Athletic Underwear in 2023 - Undywear (2024)
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