Best Underwear for Testis Health | Boxer vs Brief in Hindi (2023)


Testis Health ke lie better Underwear kaunsa hai ? Boxer ya Brief is healthy? Underwear Science in hindi. How to keep Testis healthy in Hindi. Supporter bandhne ke benfits

In this video we discuss the science behind choosing the right underwear. Its a comparison between boxers trunks and briefs. Understand which underwear to wear to keep your testis healthy. Its always better to use a supporter when working out or in a high activity lifestyle. Choose a looser underwear when resting or relaxing.

The right underwear choice can reduce your chances of injury and getting a hernia and hydrocele.

Also you underwear choice decides whether your sperms will remain healthy or not.

accha kaccha kaunsa hai | testis ko swasth rakhne ke tarike | kauns kaccha behtar hai ?

testis स्वास्थ्य के लिए बेहतर अंडरवियर अंडरवियर क्या है? बॉक्सर फिर ब्रीफ है स्वस्थ? अंडरवीयर साइंस हिंदी में। टेस्टिस को स्वस्थ कैसे रखें।

इस वीडियो में हम सही अंडरवियर चुनने के पीछे के विज्ञान पर चर्चा करते हैं। इसकी बॉक्सर्स चड्डी और कच्छा के बीच तुलना है। समझें कि अपने वृषण को स्वस्थ रखने के लिए कौन से अंडरवियर पहनें।

बॉक्सर या ब्रीफ्स? अंडरवियर की सुबह से यह लंबे समय से चली आ रही अड़चन कई लोगों को आश्चर्यचकित करती है, क्या वास्तव में दोनों के बीच अंतर है?

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Choice of underwear and male fecundity in a preconception cohort of couples:

FDA Summary of Results from Testing of Official Samples of Talc-Containing Cosmetics for Asbestiform Fibers by AMA Laboratories During

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How can they keep their balls safe? What.

Should you wear the supporter? In? How many hours do you dance and underweight? Or what are the benefits of becoming them?? The testis are being kept out of the body.

So that the temperature inside the testis is kept in the stomach, a few degrees less than the body.


You are doing more activity than shooting a season .

Then you will have to support your teachers.

The fight in this is a boxer or sub-division, ware vs, a special underwritten, franchise.


This BRICS Hawa Govinda will not get support.

Then there will be two other problems.


If you are giving good support to Vijayant, support your properties in a good work throughout the day and leave the test room in good condition at home rest time or open.

Hello friends.

Then this is your balls and big teachers round, the phone.

If, you continue to make spots and make testosterone.

It is good , but I have so many patients, the testis got smaller due to pain in the testis.

The varicocele became the bone.

The cell became the hernia.

The lyrics were spoiled because nowadays the system of managing our upper balls is over.

Today I will talk about how to keep your balls safe.

What, should you wear a supporter,? How should you underweight? And what are the benefits of becoming an underweight or Govinda.

A, very common Vijayant section is that when the bot comes, the bone becomes spoiled due to the mode.


It may be bad.

But what is the science behind it? And using urethroplasty leads to actuarial benefits.

Let us talk to you about it.

If you have to keep your balls safe and do not tear these balls so much as tennis balls, then you must see this video, then both me and Auto Vision Munna Gupta is a major specialist in New Delhi world or Urologist, specialized in the case and health of the testis or within the surgery of varicocele hernia .


You open the playlist in the description below this video, then I have several hundred videos about the health of the testis, ranging from pens in the testis to inflammation in the testis and from bone cells to varicosal causes and their natural treatment.

And surgery.

There is also a description in detail.



You have a problem with testis then go to the playlist, and you will get a lot of information.


You want to watch on YouTube.

Then you can get a lot of promotion from me on the website or on my Facebook channels, .

But what we will talk about in today's video is the issue of men, in which situation the nappy is spread.


It is safe to use.


Did we not tie the nappies? And what is a better choice than one of the boxers and briefs.

So? If you will understand that the human testis, which are the human balls, God gave them the weight of the stomach in our nut Vijayant or March quarter.

They were kept out of the body.

So that the temperature inside the testis is a few degrees lower than the body.



Normally our body is a big third, German, degree.

Then the temperature of the testis must be one or two degrees lower.

It is important to have a lower temperature because the testis that are made all the time make millions of sperm.

And the production of these sponges It is necessary to have a lower temperature for a Vijayant.

It was a suction that tying a very tight underwear, very tight diapers increases the temperature of the testis and makes the sperm larger than the color.

And there is a difficulty in having children.


This reason a lot of young boys who wear very loose underwear or very loose boxers.

And along with them do their ultimate lifestyle like going for running or training the police, training, the army .

And in the meantime.

How do they get noticed by telling their testis .

Either? There is a hernia or varicocele, or there is a pen or a nerve in the testis or an infection in the testis.


These boys give the right support to their testis.

They will have their excise or their activities.

Then they may not face this problem.

Then at one point, it is very clear that you have to tie the knot.

If your lifestyle is active.

If, you are exercising, going to the gym, doing a sit-down escort, making a loud stomach.


Police are training the army who are training.


You are doing more activity than loading a season.

Then you will have to support your testis.


The Urologist who is active in the action, I do not say that you should be a supporter day and night, .


If you have varicocele hernia.

If, we have fallen, for Vijayant in that condition.

We call the supporter producer.

And that the patient is in a state of recovery.


If you Oli is fine, and you do not want to make yourself ill, you will definitely become remote.

Whenever you do any high-altitude training, .

Lumbodar should always be of cloth or of fiber in which growth is found., In, this, air can pass in which the sweat is soaked.

So that the lower temperature, which is there is tied tight to tie.

The main ray nappy and the nappy mate balls will get proper support.

Along with the support from the ball, the area, which is near our area from Penis , where both support goes to the smart cord Vijayant, that area also get full support.


You are doing heavy weight, lifting of the ball.

It is also important to provide immense, foam ball support, lumber support or back support.

So that the water does not get removed from our sensory pressure, langs only through the stomach.

So it will be a supporter.

So, the supporter during which you will do your exercise at that time, after doing Vijayant, after cooling down.

Now you can reduce the use of the supporter.

You can remove the supporter.

If you have lowered the supporter, then after removing the supporter, because of the tester because of the supporter .

Teachers are also required to cool down.

If the temperature is increased., How can Urologist do it, or do not use hot water or hot, gold.

Wash with cold water.


You do a headset for a few minutes after taking off the sweater.

So that the penis that Priya has climbed back to the blood that the testis has sliced, or the iPhone 7, ice massages and triggers are filled with it, even after reducing it fiercely to your testis, The temperature of the statement will go back to weight, your sperm production will not be inbuilt from it.

Then the skin question comes that if you are going out to work, then what underwear should you use at that time? .

The fight in this is a boxer or subdivision.

Interviewer, vs a special underwear, franchise or BRICS., I believe and as much as the urologists who study it.

They believe that these days we are being driven by foolish Vijayant working in High Impact Environment, which is not natural ., Goons, riding bikes or going to taxis .

The work is more in standing standing in the metro .


You are wearing very tight jeans.

It is always necessary that you support your testis and wear a comfortable brief, not a very tight, comfortable V, shape.


You are also wearing a boxer.

Then your testis should get addicted support in the boxer, too .


You do not get support for busy air symptom in your daily routine.

Then there will be one or two other problems.


If you are giving good support to Vijayant, you will give a good brief throughout the day.

Then there is no study technically such that it has said that sperm count is affected.


Am not telling you to bundle your two small size subjects.

But you have to give a good support to your teachers to work throughout the day, and it will not affect you.

But when you return to your home in Evening and rest your permanent, stay in Evening.

Then you either tell whom to complete the command or you can leave your teachers comfortable in your boxers to breathe.

At bedtime, in the morning, at bath time, at your Jordan Doon house.

It is rest time.

So if you want to do some of these precisions for the health of the testis, I have talked before.


If you take some of these procedures for your tests, cassette, conscious Govinda is going to support your properties in daily work and leave the house 's time payment test in good condition or open.

Then you get rid of Infections, Prem, Urologist and Sasikala Problem.

You will get, along with your sperm.

Count will also be maintained by the rail.

This video is not for sick people who are my patients whom I have advised to dissection for sperm count or for maya or varicocell, or for me to give you low mode.

Support after surgery.



People have got a problem .

Your treatment is going on.

This video is for those who have not had the problem yet and who want to keep their testis healthy.


You want to understand this, then please bring the issue to ask friends in the comments section for share.

If you think I have given you Govinda wrong, but you have a button Govinda from the back, then write a comment.


Am sitting here in your channel.

And we are also learning doctors today to keep your side.

May, be your knowledge will increase my knowledge.

And together, my viewers would ever think thank you..


Which shape of underwear is best for men's health? ›

“Generally, boxers will give you more breathing room, and briefs will give you support,” he says.

Should I wear boxers or briefs for testicular torsion? ›

As far as boxers go, the lack of support can lead to testicular torsion, a very painful condition. And it is a good idea to put on socks before putting on any underwear.

Are briefs or boxers healthier? ›

So as far as the health and quality of your little swimmers is concerned, it really doesn't matter if you prefer to wear boxer shorts or briefs. However, Malik points out that wearing briefs can in some cases lead to other health or hygiene issues such as jock itch.

Which is better brief or trunk? ›

It is thought that tall men with long legs fit into briefs better. Trunks are a better option for you if you are low in height and have relatively thin legs. The most important factor is comfort for the majority of males. You can choose men's boxers, briefs for men or trunks based on the weather and your comfort level.

Which is better brief or boxer? ›

Boxers vs briefs: what's the difference? Boxers are loose-fitting and provide less support than briefs. Boxers provide more coverage of your leg (up to half of your thigh), but, due to their loose fit, are more breathable than all other men's undergarments.

Can tight briefs cause testicle pain? ›

First things first: As it is an external organ, your testicles are more accustomed to being at a cooler temperature compared to the rest of your body. Constraining your testicles too tightly in too-small briefs or too-tight pants may cause severe discomfort, especially over a prolonged period.

Should you wear briefs or boxers for epididymitis? ›

Elevate the scrotum with a rolled-up towel when you are resting. For the first few days, wear an athletic supporter. When your pain subsides, wear briefs instead of boxers to better support the scrotum. This can help relieve pain.

Can briefs cause testicular pain? ›

Brief and Boxers Briefs

Briefs and boxer briefs provide support for the scrotum but trap heat. This is because the testicles are prevented from sagging away from the body to cool. So, men who wear boxer briefs or briefs often complain about testicular sensitivity and varicocele pain.

Why should men wear briefs? ›

In addition to providing ample support and making it much easier to conceal unwanted visitors from view, briefs are also excellent pants to wear as the weather heats up. They are also great for anyone who experiences bunching and chafing in their longer underwear.

Should men wear briefs or boxer briefs? ›

Boxer briefs offer the perfect balance between protection and freedom for your boys. Unlike briefs, boxer briefs keep your inner thighs covered, without getting too close. As a result, your goods stay in place, never exposed, and you rarely, if ever, get chafing.

Do boys prefer boxers or briefs? ›

The answer is: It depends. Most guys wear boxers, but there is a significant fraction of the population that prefers briefs.

Should men wear underwear daily? ›

Underwear adds one more layer and thus some men prefer to do so to reduce sweat. Not wearing underwear can also mean some more air circulation down there and does add to the feel good. While there's some support for ditching your underwear, here are 8 reasons that prove going commando is overrated.

Should guys wear underwear to sleep? ›

To put it bluntly: Yes, it's completely okay to sleep in underwear. Unless your underwear of choice is made out of hazardous and/or uncomfortable materials, you should suffer no issues by choosing to sleep in underwear. The key to sleeping in underwear is choosing a fabric that is breathable and comfortable.

Should men wear 100% cotton underwear? ›

The inherently soft, hypoallergenic, and breathable fabric of cotton underwear makes it a top choice for men living in hot or humid climates where they'll sweat more than usual, all levels of activity, and those looking to prevent chafing, irritation, and sensitive skin. When in doubt, go with cotton.

What type of mens underwear is most supportive? ›


The snug fit offers support enough to take care of tough days at the gym and long commutes, while the extra coverage in the legs ensures they're not bunching up.

What kind of underwear do most men wear? ›

Fabric. Most men's underwear is made of cotton or a cotton blend. That's because cotton is sturdy, breathable, and soft enough to wear day in and day out.

Is it better to go commando or wear underwear? ›

Underwear can help protect delicate genital skin, but you may not always need to wear it. Going commando may help prevent common concerns like yeast infections, UTIs, or jock itch. When you do wear underwear, stick with cotton, avoid a tight fit, and change it daily, experts say.

Which underwear is best for men tight or loose? ›

The official answer given by health experts and medical professionals is "somewhere in the middle of tight and loose." Experts recommend that you make sure you have properly fitting underwear, meaning your underwear should not be so tight that it leaves deep marks in the skin.

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