Complete Men’s Underwear Size Chart (Everything You Need to Know) (2024)

You can’t go about your day without wearing underwear. It’s the first thing you put on every morning! So it’s a necessary item in your closet. And it’s quite a LET DOWN if it doesn’t fit correctly. This article strips down the essentials of Men’s Underwear. And gives you the ultimate Men’s Underwear size chart.

With the help of which you can find your ideal underwear fit and size. But while there is a difference in underwear size for most men. There’s a lot more to it than the waistband measurement.

Men have different types of underwear. Such as boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, and trunks. All these types of underwear follow more or less the same size chart. But their fit and functionality are a bit different.

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Types of Men’s Underwear

1. Boxers

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Boxers, or Boxer Shorts, are good for any body type. Most men prefer wearing boxer shorts because they’re comfortable and roomy. The shorts provide good coverage and breathability. The fabric is soft, thin, but supportive.

Cotton boxers are pretty common, right? Men wear them under jeans or loose-fitting pants. And they’re great to lounge in at home. The fit of boxer shorts is worth a shot. And the sizes are plenty for you to choose from.

The only drawback to wearing boxer shorts is that they ride up. But only if you wear tight-fitting trousers or denim jeans. The modern fit and cut of boxer shorts are perfect for casual wear.

Best for?

The experience of wearing boxer shorts is freer than you think. You can move, lie back, stretch, or bend in them. The fabric doesn’t cause sweating or irritate the skin. It scores full marks on breathability without being too revealing.

If I tell you to imagine a pair of boxer shorts. What do you first think about? The elastic waistband and baggy fitting? Well, there are more modern choices in boxers now. You can go for a tight-fitting cut with a smoother and more flexible band around the hips.

The tailored band, cut, and soft material is varied and affordable. Perfect to sleep in and wear under jeans or loose-fitting pants.

2. Briefs

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Briefs look and feel like underwear. It’s when you want your underwear to be the most comfortable yet firm. What you should go for, in that case, are briefs. The leg holes are broader while the waistband sits more tightly around the waist.

Cotton, synthetic, and nylon blends are most common. Some briefs are also made up of spandex but they’re not as comfortable. Such breathable fabrics feel soft and irritation-free against the skin. So you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Best for?

Not finding your ideal large Men’s Underwear size? Briefs are perfect when you require a size larger than normal sizes. Some say briefs are sleeker to fit than trunks or boxers. With a shorter length, the material rolls up to the crotchless often.

A 100% cotton pair of brief underwear can feel totally refreshing. No sweating, chafing, or skin irritation. Unless you happen to buy a smaller size!

Boxer briefs do offer plenty of coverage. But they can feel baggy if you’re well-endowed and need constant, skintight protection. For that purpose, and for a cutting-edge slimming effect, briefs are foolproof.

3. Boxer-Briefs

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Boxer-briefs take the most ideal qualities of both types of underwear. And it brings them together in a form-fitting piece of fabric. The result is a slightly long but firm pair of underwear.

It’s not baggy like boxer shorts. Nor does it expose your thighs like briefs. They’re perfect in shape and length. Making boxer-briefs a perfect choice for workout wear. However, the waistband does take a toll on your abdomen region.

So if prefer to wear something less skintight under your outfits. Boxer-briefs may not be the right choice for you.

4. Trunks

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Trunks are more modern and customized to suit specific sizes. They look and feel a lot like boxer-briefs. But trunks are more easy-going than them. The waistband sits on the hips so it doesn’t ride up.

The length of each leg stops around the mid-thigh region. They look more casual and easy-breezy than skintight. They may ride low for some, especially if you have bigger thighs. But this just means if you’re skinnier, trunks are perfect for you.

Best for?

Trunks, or hipsters, are good for slim men. So if you work out a lot and need better enhancement. Trunks are the way to go. They help enhance and emphasis the thigh muscles and the surrounding region. Including the buttocks.

And the tightness of the waistband is a little more forgiving than boxer-briefs. It sits even lower on the hips than boxer-briefs. Feeling less and less uncomfortable when you sit and get up during the day.

Men’s Underwear Size Chart

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After you’ve decided which underwear is best for you. You need to measure up! Either you can this yourself, at home, or go to men’s tailor for a professional fitting.

Having said that, here’s how you can tally the perfect underwear fit for your body.

Measure your waist

That’s the most important measurement for any type of underwear. Especially if what you want to buy are boxer shorts or briefs or both.

To measure your waist, wrap the measuring tape around your waist. Where you’d like the band of the underwear to sit. You can even put on old underwear to be able to get an exact measurement.

Don’t wrap the tape too tight around your waist. Leave a finger’s space between the tape and your skin. It’s easier to move around in slightly loose underwear. Anything too skintight can cause rashes, irritation, and a bloated tummy.

Secondly, while taking the measurements, don’t hold your breath in. Relax your shoulders, stand up straight, and keep your abdomen natural. Don’t flex your muscles. Breathe naturally. And definitely, don’t contract your abs if you think you’ll look slimmer in any kind of underwear.

Does upper body matter?

Is your upper body not in proportion to your lower body? A stocky upper body can ruin the size of any underwear when the thighs and legs are skinnier. Even more so if you have narrow shoulders and bigger thigh muscles and you-know-what!

A good trick to solve this problem right away is to size-match. This means your T-shirt should be larger than the underwear if you’re bulkier. You can switch the sizes between the T-shirt and briefs if you’re slender with a round tummy.

If the Men’s Underwear size chart can go up to 6XL. I’m sure you will be able to find something that suits your body type and shape. Don’t you think so?

You’re Not Alone!

Nobody buys all their underwear from the same brand anymore. With so many varieties on the market, you’re spoilt for choice. Which means you get to choose any type of fit or style from multiple brands. Also, you shouldn’t wear the same underwear for more than 2 days!

There’s no rule of thumb for any underwear size charts. The sizes slightly alter from one brand to the next. So if you think you’ve found your standard size chart, think again.

Each manufacturer has its own Men’s Underwear size chart. You can look it up on the brand’s website and an in-store catalog. Or ask their customer service for further assistance. Most times, a Men’s Underwear size chart is divided by country-specific measurements.

There is ‘EU’ for Europe size and ‘US’ for United States size. These sizes define their own parameters. However, if two brands have the same size labels under EU or US sizes. That doesn’t mean they share the same waistband measurements (in inches or cms).

You’ve got to look that up and compare. As long as you know your exact measurement, finding the brand’s size chart is a cruise.

Final Say

It’s natural to be let down when your underwear is a bit off the mark. Not finding the right underwear size is more common than you think. But all that is about to change now. I don’t know about others, but you have the ultimate Men’s Underwear size chart at your side.

You have a different body type and physique than others. So it’s obvious that your size is unique too. You may have a bigger upper body and slender legs or vice versa. Wearing a form-fitting pair of underwear can seem like a task for you.

But with this buying guide, you’ll be well on your way to freedom. If you’ve been reserved about your underwear choices before. Due to the lack of candor in front of a stranger holding a measuring tape. It’s time to take matters into your own hands.


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As an expert in men's underwear, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you through the intricacies of finding the perfect fit. My expertise is not only theoretical but grounded in a practical understanding of the diverse world of men's undergarments.

Now, let's dive into the concepts covered in the article about men's underwear:

1. Types of Men’s Underwear:

  • Boxers:

    • Best for: Suitable for any body type.
    • Description: Comfortable, roomy, and commonly worn under loose-fitting pants. Cotton boxers are popular for their soft, thin, and supportive fabric.
  • Briefs:

    • Best for: Those wanting comfortable yet firm underwear.
    • Description: Leg holes are broader, and the waistband sits tightly around the waist. Common materials include cotton, synthetic blends, and nylon for a soft and irritation-free experience.
  • Boxer-Briefs:

    • Description: Combines the qualities of boxers and briefs, providing a slightly long and firm fit. Ideal for workout wear but may not be suitable for those who prefer less skintight options.
  • Trunks:

    • Best for: Slim men.
    • Description: Modern and customized, similar to boxer-briefs but more easy-going. The waistband sits on the hips, and the length stops around the mid-thigh region. Good for enhancing thigh muscles and buttocks.

2. Men’s Underwear Size Chart:

  • Measure your waist: Emphasizes the importance of measuring your waist where you want the underwear band to sit. Recommends leaving a finger's space between the tape and skin for a comfortable fit.
  • Does upper body matter? Advises considering upper body proportions for a well-matched overall look. Suggests sizing up the T-shirt if the upper body is bulkier than the lower body.

3. You’re Not Alone!:

  • Highlights the variety in the market, encouraging individuals to explore different brands and styles.
  • Emphasizes the importance of not wearing the same underwear for more than two days.

4. Final Say:

  • Reinforces the idea that finding the right underwear size is common and assures readers that the provided Men’s Underwear size chart is a valuable resource.
  • Encourages readers to take control of their underwear choices using the buying guide provided in the article.

In conclusion, the article serves as a comprehensive guide for men to navigate the diverse world of underwear, considering various types, sizes, and individual preferences.

Complete Men’s Underwear Size Chart (Everything You Need to Know) (2024)
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