High-speed VPN for all your needs in 2024 - Surfshark (2024)

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Surfshark’s WireGuard speeds were spectacular at 760 Mbps in the UK and 950 Mbps+ in the UK—all I could expect from our 1 Gbps test connection. That puts Surfshark equal first in our speed tests alongside the likes of NordVPN, IPVanish, and Windscribe.


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“Surfshark has been a seriously fast provider for a good while now, and in my latest round of testing it only solidified this fact. On my 1Gbps connection it delivered speeds in excess of 950Mbps when using WireGuard, and on a faster line I think it could achieve much more.”

Tom’s Guide

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“Surfshark server speeds were solid, if not particularly outstanding. They averaged just over 61 percent of the base download speed and a slightly more impressive 72 percent of the base upload speed.”


How fast is Surfshark VPN?

To establish how fast Surfshark really is, we compared download and upload speeds when connected to a local server in Europe, a server in Atlanta, USA, and one in Adelaide, Australia.

Speed without
Speed on a local VPN
Speed on a US VPN
Speed on an Australian VPN server
Ping6 ms30 ms119 ms299 ms
Average download speed308.41 Mbps260.79 Mbps250.81 Mbps190.78 Mbps
Average upload speed204.53 Mbps170.01 Mbps139.19 Mbps63.32 Mbps

Keep in mind that our test results may not necessarily match yours. A VPN connection speed depends on factors such as your internet connection, the distance between you and the server, server crowdedness, and the VPN protocol used. With so many variables, connection speeds are bound to differ slightly from one user to the next.

What makes a fast VPN?

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Solid server infrastructure

Surfshark has 3200+ servers in 100 countries worldwide, with most of those servers having 10 Gbps ports. This ensures that you’ll always be able to find a fast, uncrowded server nearby, which is exactly what you need for a fast VPN connection.

Modern VPN protocols

VPN protocols play an essential role in the speed of your VPN connection. All protocols used by Surfshark are capable of maintaining a solid connection speed. That said, WireGuard is considered to be the fastest VPN protocol today, so make sure that you have it set as your primary protocol.

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High-speed VPN for all your needs in 2024 - Surfshark (7)

Secure encryption

Encryption secures user traffic and data in a VPN connection. But if you want speed, the encryption shouldn’t overburden the connection. Surfshark uses AES-256 encryption for OpenVPN and IKEv2, while ChaCha20 is used with WireGuard. They’re both secure, industry-leading algorithms that maintain the VPN speeds while protecting your data.

How to get the best VPN speed

You can overcome a slow VPN connection and optimize your speed by following these steps:

  1. Choose a nearby server: the closer the server is to you geographically, the faster the connection.
  2. Choose an uncrowded server: if several server locations are at a similar distance away from you, try switching between them and find one that provides the best connection speed.
  3. Change your protocol: double-check if WireGuard is set as your primary VPN protocol in the Surfshark app. WireGuard will typically provide the best results as far as the speed of your connection is concerned.

Don’t know if you can tell the difference? Don’t forget to do a speed test before and after making any changes.

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High-speed VPN for all your needs in 2024 - Surfshark (9) Learn more

External factors may slow down your VPN

In some cases, a VPN has nothing to do with a slow connection: other factors may be slowing down your connection. Some examples include:

  • ISP (Internet Service Provider) throttling;
  • Outdated devices, routers, etc;
  • Antivirus software;
  • Data-heavy applications running in the background.

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Surfshark features to be excited about

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Overcome ISP throttling

Some internet service providers slow down your connection when streaming, downloading, or gaming online. A VPN encrypts your data and hides your activity online, so your ISP has no good reason to slow your connection down.

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Quick-connect to the fastest server

If you don’t have a location preference and want the fastest VPN connection possible, tap on the Quick-connect option in the Surfshark app, and you’ll connect to the fastest available server. It’s usually a server in a nearby location or a neighboring country.

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Stay safe with unlimited simultaneous connections

Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections, which means you can connect to the VPN with all your phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and other devices at the same time. No need to count your connections or surf the internet unprotected.

High-speed VPN for all your needs in 2024 - Surfshark (13)

Block ads with Cleanweb

Did you know that ads can slow down your internet speed and use up your mobile data? Surfshark offers a CleanWeb feature that gets rid of advertisem*nts, blocks cookie pop-ups, and alerts you of malware. As a result, your browsing experience becomes smoother, and your connection is no longer burdened with intrusive ads.

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Improve speeds with Split Tunneling

Split tunneling (Bypasser on Surfshark) allows you to select apps and websites that a VPN should bypass. As a result, your traffic goes directly to the app or website instead of being encrypted and routed through a VPN server. This allows you to maintain your usual speeds for websites or apps that you trust!

High-speed VPN for all your needs in 2024 - Surfshark (15)

Avoid activity tracking

Not only does Surfshark hide your online activity from websites and apps, but it doesn’t track or keep information about your activity, either. We have a strict no-logs policy, which allows us to provide a private and secure service to everyone using Surfshark.

Disclaimer: we prohibit using Surfshark services for any unlawful purposes as it is against our Terms of Service. Please be sure to act in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of other service providers.

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30-day money-back guarantee

Want to see just how fast Surfshark truly is? Choose a Surfshark subscription and run your own tests! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the performance or the features, simply contact us and get your money back before the 30-day period is over.

A combination of speed and privacy

Get a lightning-fast VPN with secure encryption

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Is Surfshark fast?

While it’s not as fast as the Shortfin Mako shark, which can reach speeds of 45 miles an hour, Surfshark is considered to be one of the fastest sharks around. With a top speed of 35 miles an hour, it is right up there with the Great White and the Grey Reef shark.

That said, Surfshark is the fastest when it comes to sharks and VPN services. With modern VPN protocols and 3200+ servers in 100 countries, most of which have 10 Gbps ports, Surfshark can maintain fast connection speeds for users all around the world.

How do I find the fastest server on Surfshark?

To connect to the fastest available server on Surfshark, tap the Fastest location option in the Surfshark app. The VPN will automatically find and choose the fastest server, depending on your location.

How do I get a high-speed VPN?

If you’re looking for the fastest VPN service, you should look for a premium VPN provider with a vast server infrastructure. Connecting to the closest server is usually the best option for speed; choose a provider that has plenty of servers nearby and offers WireGuard (it’s the fastest VPN protocol available today).

What is a good VPN connection speed?

While all VPNs slow down your connection, some do it more than others. With free VPN providers, you can expect your speed to decrease by 50% or even more. If you use a premium VPN provider like Surfshark and connect to a local VPN server, you can expect your connection speed to decrease by around 10-15%.

Which VPN has the highest speed?

There’s no one answer for which VPN is the fastest. In general, you want a VPN that supports the WireGuard protocol and has a lot of servers near your physical location. That’s because WireGuard is currently the fastest VPN protocol and a short distance between you and the server ensures optimal performance.

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Surfshark VPN Speeds

According to the article, Surfshark VPN has been praised for its fast speeds by various experts. TechRadar reported that Surfshark's WireGuard speeds reached 760 Mbps in the UK and over 950 Mbps in the US, which is comparable to other leading VPN providers like NordVPN, IPVanish, and Windscribe. Tom's Guide also mentioned that Surfshark achieved speeds exceeding 950 Mbps on a 1 Gbps connection when using WireGuard. However, PCWorld noted that Surfshark's server speeds were solid but not particularly outstanding, averaging just over 61% of the base download speed and 72% of the base upload speed.

Factors Affecting VPN Speed

The speed of a VPN connection can be influenced by several factors, including:

  1. Internet Connection: The speed of your internet connection plays a significant role in determining the overall VPN speed.
  2. Distance to Server: The physical distance between your location and the VPN server can impact the connection speed. Generally, connecting to a nearby server results in faster speeds.
  3. Server Crowdedness: The number of users connected to a VPN server can affect its performance. Choosing an uncrowded server can improve speed.
  4. VPN Protocol: The VPN protocol used can impact speed. Surfshark supports various protocols, including WireGuard, which is considered the fastest VPN protocol currently available.
  5. Encryption: While encryption is essential for securing your data, it can also affect VPN speed. Surfshark uses AES-256 encryption for OpenVPN and IKEv2, and ChaCha20 encryption for WireGuard, striking a balance between security and speed.

Tips to Optimize VPN Speed

To optimize your VPN speed, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Nearby Server: Connecting to a server geographically closer to your location can result in faster speeds.
  2. Select an Uncrowded Server: If multiple servers are at a similar distance, try switching between them to find one with better connection speed.
  3. Change VPN Protocol: Ensure that WireGuard is set as your primary VPN protocol in the Surfshark app, as it is known for providing faster speeds.
  4. Perform Speed Tests: Before and after making any changes, conduct speed tests to assess the impact of your adjustments.

Other Factors Affecting Connection Speed

Apart from VPN-related factors, other external factors can also affect your internet connection speed, including:

  1. ISP Throttling: Some internet service providers (ISPs) may intentionally slow down certain types of internet traffic, including VPN connections.
  2. Outdated Devices or Routers: Using outdated devices or routers can impact your overall internet speed, including VPN performance.
  3. Antivirus Software: Certain antivirus software may interfere with VPN connections and affect speed.
  4. Data-Heavy Applications: Running data-intensive applications in the background can consume bandwidth and impact VPN speed.

Surfshark VPN Features

Surfshark offers several features to enhance your VPN experience:

  1. Overcome ISP Throttling: Surfshark encrypts your data and hides your online activity, preventing your ISP from slowing down your connection when streaming, downloading, or gaming.
  2. Quick-Connect: The Surfshark app provides a Quick-connect option, allowing you to connect to the fastest available server automatically.
  3. Unlimited Simultaneous Connections: Surfshark allows unlimited simultaneous connections, enabling you to protect multiple devices simultaneously.
  4. CleanWeb: Surfshark's CleanWeb feature blocks ads, cookie pop-ups, and alerts you of malware, resulting in a smoother browsing experience and improved connection speed.
  5. Split Tunneling (Bypasser): Surfshark's Split Tunneling feature allows you to select specific apps or websites to bypass the VPN, maintaining your usual speeds for trusted sites.
  6. No Activity Tracking: Surfshark does not track or keep information about your online activity, ensuring a private and secure service.


Surfshark VPN has been recognized for its fast speeds, particularly when using the WireGuard protocol. To optimize VPN speed, factors such as internet connection, server distance, server crowdedness, VPN protocol, and encryption should be considered. Surfshark offers various features to enhance speed and security, including Quick-connect, unlimited simultaneous connections, CleanWeb, Split Tunneling, and a strict no-logs policy. Remember that VPN speeds can vary based on individual circ*mstances, and it's always recommended to perform speed tests to assess the impact of any changes made.

High-speed VPN for all your needs in 2024 - Surfshark (2024)


What are the downsides of Surfshark? ›

Surfshark's Linux app includes some basic privacy features, along with Dynamic Multihop, but doesn't include features like its CleanWeb ad and malware blocker, NoBorders mode, split-tunneling or a kill switch like its other apps do.

Which VPN is better than Surfshark? ›

NordVPN has a larger network of servers than Surfshark, with over 5,500 servers in over 60 countries. Surfshark, on the other hand, has over 3,200 servers in over 65 countries. This means that NordVPN may have more servers closer to your location, which can help to improve your connection speed and latency.

Is VPN worth it 2024? ›

Everyday internet users

A VPN is a necessity for anyone using a public Wi-Fi hotspot, too, seeing as these (admittedly handy) connection points are typically unsecure and haunted by cybercriminals hungry for sensitive data.

What is the fastest VPN on Surfshark? ›

Speed test results for Surfshark (2024)
ServerDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)
Fastest server (Amsterdam)194.47237.4
The Netherlands192.72236.45
UK (London)195.31224.39
Germany (Frankfurt am Main)194.72237.47
12 more rows

Is Surfshark owned by China? ›

Surfshark is not a Chinese company nor a company based in Hong Kong. Rather, its parent company, Surfshark Ltd., is based in the Netherlands and was founded in 2018.

Should I leave Surfshark on all the time? ›

VPNs like Surfshark work best as “set-and-forget” applications, protecting your online privacy without hampering your day-to-day activities. The only time I would recommend turning off your VPN connection is when you're using an app or service that requires your actual location.

What is the #1 best VPN? ›

The Best VPN Services of 2024
  • NordVPN - Best VPN for Privacy.
  • Surfshark - Best VPN for Security.
  • Private Internet Access VPN - Best VPN for Windows.
  • Hotspot Shield - Best VPN for Netflix.
  • Norton Secure VPN - Best VPN With Dynamic IP Addresses.
  • IPVanish - Best Customer Support.
  • ExpressVPN - Best Encryption.
Apr 4, 2024

What is the most trustworthy VPN provider? ›

We've tested all of the best VPNs on the market, evaluating them based on speed, number of servers, security features, price, and more. Our pick for the best VPN overall is ExpressVPN, thanks to its fast and reliable connection and the wide range of platforms it works on.

Should I get Surfshark or ExpressVPN? ›

Surfshark: At a Glance. ExpressVPN and Surfshark are both rated one of our best VPNs of 2024. While ExpressVPN is more expensive and limits the number of devices you can use to five, it offers a higher-speed internet connection and more than double the number of server locations as Surfshark.

What is the best VPN for 2024? ›

The best VPNs in 2024
  • NordVPN. The very best VPN I've tested. ...
  • ExpressVPN. One of the very best, and a pleasure to use. ...
  • Surfshark. The best cheap VPN available today. ...
  • Private Internet Access. Excellent value, and very useful for torrenting. ...
  • Proton VPN. Privacy favorite keeps getting better.
Mar 25, 2024

Is it OK to leave VPN on all the time? ›

Yes, you should leave your VPN on all the time. VPNs offer the best online security, so keeping it on will protect you against data leaks and cyberattacks, especially while you're using public Wi-Fi. It can also safeguard against intrusive snoopers such as ISPs or advertisers. Always use a VPN when you go online.

What is the fastest most secure VPN? ›

  • Surfshark. The fastest VPN you can get right now. ...
  • NordVPN. The best VPN is also among the fastest. ...
  • Proton VPN. Where speed and security meets. ...
  • Mullvad. Privacy-conscious provider with electric speeds. ...
  • Windscribe. Wickedly quick with a handy free plan.

Where is the best place to use Surfshark? ›

1. Switzerland – the best privacy-focused VPN country. NordVPN and Surfshark are the two best VPNs with servers in Switzerland. It is the best VPN country to connect to – whether you're looking for privacy, relaxed laws around torrenting, or excellent internet speed.

Can Surfshark be trusted? ›

Yes, Surfshark VPN is safe.

Surfshark is packed with excellent security features, making it one of the most secure VPNs available. It offers a range of user privacy and security features – AES-256 and ChaCha20 encryption, a kill switch, and RAM-only servers.

Why is my Surfshark VPN so slow? ›

The most common reason is the basic function of the VPN itself. The overhead required by the encryption protocols, the distance to the server, server load — all play a role in slowing down the connection.

Does Surfshark slow down your computer? ›

Will your connection slow down? Surfshark users don't have any speed, bandwidth, or data limitations. Nevertheless, you might experience slower speeds and response time (ping) with a VPN than without a VPN. The speed may decrease by 20-30%.

Is Surfshark hard to cancel? ›

If you don't like Surfshark and think about canceling it, don't fret – it's pretty simple. Go to Surfshark's website and open the Help Center. Scroll down and select “Chat With Us” to open the chat window. Provide your email and name and type in the cancellation request.

Is Surfshark any good as a VPN? ›

Surfshark is a good VPN service provider that uses secure encryption, offers modern VPN protocols, and has a vast server infrastructure. This combination ensures the security and speed of your VPN connection.

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