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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are the latest generations in the long lineup of Xbox consoles. Setting up a VPN on Series X gives you plenty of benefits. An Xbox VPN masks your IP address, giving you access to entertainment that would otherwise be impossible.

The Xbox gaming consoles do not allow apps beyond entertainment ones. The process of configuring Xbox VPN can be overwhelming at first. But let us take you through an easy-to-understand process that will get it working without much effort.

How to use a VPN for Xbox Series X and Series S (1)

Before walking you through setting up a VPN on Xbox, lets first understand why you need it.

Why do I need a VPN for the Xbox X Series?

VPNs are mainly used for online data protection. In the gaming domain, VPNs serve the same purpose. But, they can also get some additional benefits while connecting with your Xbox gaming console.

When you set up Xbox VPN, it doesn’t only get you a secure gaming experience but prevents ISP throttling during gaming or watching a movie.

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How to Setup a VPN on Xbox Series X

You can set up a VPN on Xbox series X using two methods. Using a Mac or PC, or a VPN router will help you connect the gaming console with your opted virtual private network. You will have to use one of these devices as an intermediary.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for each method.

How to Setup a VPN on Xbox Series X with a PC

For this method, you can use a computer with any Windows version. Also, make sure that the PC you’re using must have two network adapters.

If the two network adapters aren’t already activated, then you need to change adapter settings. I will show how to change PC adapter settings later in this blog.

First, let’s understand how to connect Xbox VPN through a PC.

  • Connect your PC with FastestVPN.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect Xbox console with PC.
  • Click Network Connections on your Windows PC from Start Menu
  • Now, click where you see “Change adapter settings”.
  • Click right on your VPN and select “Properties”.
  • From the Sharing tab, mark the box where you find “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.
  • Click on your Ethernet connection from a dropdown box on the page.
  • Your Windows PC will now share the VPN with your connected console.

Note: This method requires you to keep the PC switched on while using Xbox online.

How to Setup a VPN on Xbox Series X with Mac

Connecting Xbox with VPN is straightforward via MacOS. You can use the same process mentioned above. However, the steps required for this method are different.

Note: You can use Thunderbolt, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet to connect Mac with the internet then share a connection with Xbox series X.

  • Setup FastestVPN on Mac.
  • Select “Preferences” From the upper left corner by clicking the “Apple Icon”.
  • Click where you find “Sharing” in the given options.
  • Now, select “Internet sharing”.
  • Select a connect you want to share from, i.e., Thunderbolt, Wi-Fi, Ethernet.
  • Select whatever you’re using, e.g., Wi-Fi or Ethernet (click OK to verify Wi-Fi settings).
  • Click to mark the checkbox next to “Internet Sharing”.
  • Now, click when you see “Start” to continue the process.
  • Connect Mac with Xbox series X through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Now you can have VPN protection on Mac.

How to Setup a VPN on Xbox Series X with VPN Router

Using a router to connect a VPN on Xbox series X is a complicated process. However, this method is quite useful too. It enables you to connect and run a VPN for multiple devices at once. Moreover, you don’t need to switch on a VPN every single time.

A VPN router gets you always-on protection. To set up a VPN on Xbox series X, you need a VPN that supports your router.

FastestVPN supports a variety of router firmware. Check here to see if your router is on the list of the FastestVPN supported routers.

Not to forget mentioning that the process of installing a VPN on the router varies, depending on the router model and brand.

Nevertheless, a few steps remain the same for every router. See below to learn how to install a VPN on a router:

  • Login to your router’s web-based portal by typing router IP address in the browser search field of your router-connected device.
  • Go to the router’s tab for managing network.
  • Follow the tutorials and set up VPN on router with your username and password.
  • Now, head to the Xbox series X.
  • Open Settings > Network > Network Settings.
  • Click where you find “Setup Wireless Network”.
  • Select your VPN name and connect.

That’s it!

Benefits of Setting Up a VPN on Xbox Series X

You can enjoy lots of benefits while configuring a VPN on your Xbox series X. A good VPN gives you fast and uninterrupted connection speeds. Using a VPN on Xbox series X also lets you unlock the latest gaming titles.

VPN encrypts your online Xbox traffic and protects your online identity. With a VPN on your Xbox, no one can intervene or DDoS your gaming session.

Downsides of Connecting a VPN with Xbox Series X

You will not experience any serious issues while setting up a VPN on Xbox series X. However, some common networking problems might occur. A VPN on Xbox series X might slow down your connection speed. Yet, it will still protect your network traffic. It is not ideal for playing online games.


Xbox Series X is an entertainment powerhouse. You can use the same method on its sibling the Xbox Series S. Once a VPN is up and running, fire up Netflix and other streaming platforms to browse through new content that will now be visible thanks to VPN.

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How to use a VPN for Xbox Series X and Series S (2024)
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