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OpenVPN server on Windows | LTESocks (1)

OpenVPN server on Windows | LTESocks (2)

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Windows, MAC, Linux,Android, IOS, ChromeOS

OpenVPN server on Windows | LTESocks (3)

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32 bit , 64 bit. х32, х64

Computer, smartphone

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OpenVPN Inc

Download OpenVPN Connectn v 3

Note: 7 and 8 Windows are not officially supported

Note: 7 and 8 Windows are not officially supported

A 32 bit version is also available for download:

Previous version of OpenVPN Connect V2 is also available for download

For 7,8 and 10 Windows

OpenVPN program overview

The official OpenVPN client server on Windows creates a secure server-to-server connection. It helps to create a secure tunnel that facilitates safe and unhindered use of the internet. It uses modern encryption, authentication and data transfer methods.
The program has been satisfying users’ needs for safe surfing for a long time, and helps to bypass blocking without traceability. The work is based on several components.

  • OpenSSL library.
  • User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
  • Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

Special attention should be paid to the cryptographic library. It includes several hashing and encryption algorithms. In particular, the OpenVPN service uses:

  • Hash functions. When a message is sent, its hash code is encrypted. This increases security, plus it results in lower computation time.
  • Asymmetric algorithms (DSA, RSA, Diffie-Hellman key exchange). It involves both public and private key which increases the security.
  • Symmetric (Camelia, DES, RC5, IDEA). It uses a public key that is the same for all clients. Less secure method of transmission.

The certification center manages the encryption keys. It issues keys according to the requests of the participants of the exchange process.In reviewing the program, its main characteristics should be highlighted. Among the important aspects we would like to emphasize a few:

  • To increase the level of security, the server uses AES, Camellia, 3DES, CAST-128 or Blowfish ciphers.
  • TLS and SSL protocols are used during operation.
  • Third-party scripts are involved to improve the authentication procedure.
  • It is possible to configure private subnets.
  • As protection against buffer overflow, tls-auth is used. Due to this structure it is possible to use chroot and reset privileges.

Features and advantages of OpenVPN

OpenVPN server is a popular product that has earned the trust of users due to its numerous advantages. You will feel them even if you are not at all familiar with the issue.

  • Secure connection of 2-3 levels allows you to create a safe environment for online surfing.
  • Open possibility to bypass bans by changing your IP address. You will get freedom in accessing necessary information, entertainment content, etc.
  • The program uses a number of client verification methods, single sign-on authentication, applies a permissible personal identification policy.
  • A reliable scalability system allows you to get quality results, even when connecting thousands of users across the country.
  • OpenVPN for PC supports different operating systems, which gives it the right to be called cross-platform.

The user gets new opportunities and ensures the security of his data while surfing the Internet.

Why you should use Open VPN server from LTESocks

With all the positive qualities and general care about the clients, the system has no pre-settings. That’s why LTESocks team took care of maximum comfort of its users and ease of setup. In order to use the system to its full potential, it is worth ordering a proxy port in myAlpari. Each port has the ability to connect via OpenVPN. This will allow you to get a full-fledged product, ready to use and configured according to your individual requirements.

LTESocks selects individual solutions for each user. This helps to adapt the system to the realization of specific tasks. You will also be able to receive timely service updates and keep abreast of all innovations. LTESocks is your reliable partner in creating a safe online space.

1. How to configure OpenVPN on your device?

To use the system fully, you need to download the OpenVPN client for your device from the official website of the application, as well as the configuration file of the VPN connection from your personal LTESocks user account.

2. How to ensure connection security when using OpenVPN?

The server interacts with different systems to ensure complete security of the user and his data.

3. What are the main advantages of using OpenVPN over other VPN solutions?

High security and improving the server as the industry evolves are some of the main advantages. Also, OpenVPN supports all known desktop and mobile operating systems.

4. How to solve connection problems with OpenVPN server?

To solve the connection problem, you need to find the cause of its occurrence. LTESocks specialists will help you to do it.

5. How to configure traffic routing through OpenVPN to ensure anonymity on the Internet?

By default, all operating system traffic will go through an active VPN connection. If you need a customized solution, LTESocks team will perform a complex configuration that will ensure anonymity and security.

OpenVPN server on Windows | LTESocks (2024)
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