The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (2024)

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  • Access Twitch from wherever via one of 3200+ servers
  • Stream throttle-free from 100+ countries
  • Chill with a 30-day money-back guarantee

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The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (1)

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Why use a VPN for Twitch

Running Surfshark while watching a stream will:

  • Change your IP so you’re safe from DDoS attacks
  • Encrypt your traffic so your ISP can’t throttle your bandwidth
  • Obfuscate the traffic so no one can see you’re using a VPN
  • Protect your privacy and safely enjoy Twitch in restrictive countries

Unique Surfshark features for Twitch streamers or watchers:

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (3)

Dedicated IP*

Helps avoid shadow bans by providing a stable and unique IP address meant only for you.

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (4)

IP rotator

If you get shadow banned, you quickly get assigned a new IP and can continue messaging away.

*Dedicated IP is a paid feature you can get separately from your VPN subscription.

Other Surfshark features

Surfshark will keep you safe on and off stream and let you enjoy privacy with premium features like these:

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (5)

Cookie pop-up and ad blocker

Get rid of all those annoying ads, pop-ups, and videos to enjoy a cleaner and smoother browsing experience.

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (6)

Unlimited simultaneous connections

Protect all your devices simultaneously with the unlimited connections feature.

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (7)

No activity tracking

What you do is your business, and we'd like to keep it that way. We don't monitor or store your online activity and have a Deloitte audit to prove it.

Do you like to game while you watch your favorite streams? Thanks to its compatibility with major operating systems, Surfshark is a great choice for gaming and streaming for the up-and-coming streamers.

Surfshark features for those who want more*

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (8)

Antivirus, anti-spyware, and malware protection

Our scanners protect your devices from viruses and malware in real time while you download files, install, or use them without interrupting your business.

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (9)

Webcam protection

Surfshark can notify you if any website or app tries to access your camera without your permission.

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (10)

Real-time card, ID, and email breach alerts

Get immediate alerts whenever your credit cards or personal IDs are part of a data breach so you can take action and keep your most sensitive info safe.

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (11)

Personal data security reports

Get personalized data security reports (quarterly/yearly) to stay informed on potential breaches.

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (12)

Personal detail generator

Our Alternative ID feature lets you generate a new online identity for registrations on untrusted websites. The ID includes a name, date of birth, and home address.

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (13)

Masked email generator

Alternative ID lets you dodge spam and dodgy sites by creating a new email address. Use it to secure your actual email address and avoid annoying marketing subscriptions in your inbox.

*Features only available for Surfshark One users

Try Surfshark risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee

We understand you may want to try our VPN service before making a long-term commitment. No worries at all! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with your Surfshark subscription. You can take your sweet time to test out our VPN’s amazing features and decide if Surfshark is the perfect fit for you.

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The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (15)

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a US-based video live streaming service primarily focusing on broadcasting video game live streams, including esports competitions. It also offers streams for music, creative content, and “in real life” experiences. Twitch is operated by Amazon’s subsidiary Twitch Interactive.

Give a brief information on what it is, and maybe list in a sentence or two some of the privacy risks that come from using Twitch.

How to use a VPN on Twitch

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (16)

1. Get Surfshark

Create a Surfshark account, download the app, and install it.

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (17)

2. Select a server

Run the app and connect to one of 3200+ servers worldwide.

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (18)

3. Open Twitch

Open Twitch and enjoy your favorite streams.

Note: Run Surfshark before you open Twitch.

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (19)

Premium vs. free VPN for Twitch

When it comes to performance, premium VPNs are superior in every single aspect when compared to their free alternatives. They are faster, safer, have more features, the servers are less crowded, and there are more locations to connect to.

While free VPNs are free, they have many disadvantages and risks associated with them — limited data, slow speeds, and a ton of ads.

Some free VPN providers even collect and sell your data to third parties or install malware and malvertising on customer devices.

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You can also download a VPN for your smart TV, get it on Xbox or PlayStation, or even set it up on your router to protect your home network.


Can I use a VPN on Twitch?

You can use a VPN to securely watch your favorite streamers on Twitch. How? Connect to a server location, and a VPN will keep your activity private by encrypting your online traffic.

Where is Twitch unavailable?

Twitch isn’t available in Russia, China, Vietnam, and Slovakia (info correct as of September 2023).

Is it safe to use a VPN on Twitch?

Using a VPN on Twitch is safe — a reliable VPN encrypts your online traffic and shields you from snoops. Having safe access to Twitch, you can enjoy streams without anyone watching over your shoulder.

Can I use a VPN for live streaming?

Yes, you can use a VPN for live streaming. It may even be the only way to stream if Twitch is blocked in your region.

The best Twitch VPN in 2024 - Surfshark (2024)
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